April 9, 2017

Why Does Aftershave Feels Like it Burns Your Skin?

Why Does Aftershave Feels Like it Burns Your Skin?

If you’re a guy that likes a clean-shaven face then you are probably well aware of the shaving hazard that is aftershave. It’s always that final step in the process, but it’s one that causes a very distinct burning sensation on your skin. So why does this happen exactly? Well we’re about to take a look at just that.

What is Aftershave?

Before we look at the "why", it's important to know what aftershave is. Aftershave is a liquid, balm, or gel that is applied to the face after shaving. The use of aftershave has actually been around for ages, dating back to Roman times. The idea was that by using an aftershave you will be cleansing the skin in particular areas you may have cut while shaving. Aftershave is meant to be an antiseptic, used to prevent infections.

Why Does it Burn?

The reason it burns when you apply it to your skin is that most aftershaves contain alcohol as the antiseptic ingredient - and not just in small amounts either. This large dose of alcohol will absolutely clean your skin, but it will do so in a way that causes a burning sensation. Besides the burning, it can cause redness, irritation, and even a rash that hangs around. Even though it does a great job preventing infections from occurring, it's not exactly easy on the skin.

Are There Alternatives?

Thankfully manufacturers seem to be catching on and realizing that in order to keep the skin clean you don’t necessarily have to use the same old burning formula. Instead of just a liquid that is high in alcohol, now you can find powders, gels, and lotions that also contain calming and soothing ingredients. These will help to eliminate that burning sensation, calm your skin, and even moisturize it while still performing its antiseptic function.

When looking at the ingredients, try to find an aftershave that contains such things as essential oils like aloe vera which are shown to soothe skin in a gentle way. As well, reach for one with little to no scent, as scent can be another irritant.


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