March 4, 2017

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

At first glance, the product already has a unique look & feel to it, the tin jar & the old school “traditional tattoo” style logo really catches the eye. But since what actually matters is what’s inside more than the packaging, The Noble analyzed the quality of the product for you.

Uppercut Deluxe promotes itself as one of the heaviest water-soluble pomades on the market. Your first scoop confirms it. The consistency feels thicker than other known water-soluble pomades. Unlike others, it also has a stickier feel to the touch of your fingers. Surprisingly, it washes out easily with only water after applying.

The product is somewhat easy to apply to the hair, but like any other water-soluble product, you need to paste yourself and not put too much at once because it will get too heavy at you will have problems styling it.

Uppercut Deluxe has a strong shine to it and will please fans of the 50’s greaser look. An ideal product for a good rockabilly pomp ! It wouldn’t be recommended to use this product if you’re going for a more natural or texturized hairstyle.

This product won’t leave any flakes in your hair and will without a doubt hold in place for a full day. The vanilla smell is strong at first but will fade out as the day goes by.

Being a Australian product, it can be harder to find on shelves but we definitely recommend trying it to anyone who loves a heavy hold with a gloss shine to their hairstyle.

Packaging : 3 / 5
Hold : 5 / 5
Shine : 4 / 5
Fragrance : 3 / 5
Texture : 3 / 5
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