March 19, 2017

Simple Tricks for a Healthier Looking Beard

Has your beard seen better days? Is it beginning to look a bit unruly and lost its shine? An unhealthy beard will leave you looking older than you actually are and create the impression that you just don’t put an effort into your appearance. There’s no need to settle for this woodsman look as you can make use of these tips and tricks for a healthier looking beard.

Are You Getting Your Vitamins?

Did you know that vitamins B3, B5, and B9 can all help to make your beard shiny and healthy looking? If you aren't getting enough of these vitamins through your diet, you may want to consider taking supplements.

Make Sure You Keep it Clean

It's important not to forget to wash your beard on a regular basis and give it a good scrubbing a few times a week. You can pick up specific beard cleanser that does an excellent job cleaning the hair and balancing your skin underneath.

When you dry your beard use a clean dry towel and just pat it dry, don’t rub it. If you rub it dry you can cause split ends to occur.

Make Sure to Trim When Needed

It doesn't matter if you're working on growing your beard out, or you're at that length you like, it's important to know when to trim. Trimming your beard helps to keep it healthy and gives it shape. Remember, when you have a beard you want to pick a style that matches your face shape, which also means you’ll need to maintain that shape regardless of the length.

If you’ve been trying to grow your beard out, trimming is still necessary. It will help the beard grow faster and stay healthy looking in the process.

Invest in Beard Oil

There's nothing like a little beard oil to restore your facial hair's shiny healthy look. Not only will these oils make the beard look healthier, it also helps to tame it. You can find scented and unscented versions of these oils.

A Little Work Pays Off

With just a little bit of work you’re sure to have a healthy and shiny looking beard.

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