March 1, 2017

The most popular hairstyles for men in 2017

As a man, the thought of getting a haircut usually means something like shortening everything a bit and keeping the same haircut. This is quite normal: many of us have had the same haircut for years!

Nevertheless, fashions change, people try new ideas, and celebrities, followed everywhere by paparazzi and tabloids, become role models for young men all over the world.

It is for this reason that I present to you - that Maison Privée presents, in fact - this list of cuts that will remain fashionable throughout the year.

Having said that, gentlemen, let us not forget one thing: fads sometimes don’t last. Classic cuts aren’t any better or worse than fashionable ones. It’s your choice, and yours only!

This year, don’t expect a total paradigm shift: some fashions that have their roots in the last few years will remain in vogue, for example the natural part, hard part and skin fades. Some of the classic barbershop styles from the 50’s will resurface. And short hair will stay at the top of the list of the most popular styles.

So what comes out of fashion? Well ... the man bun. Of course.



1. Mid Skin-fade Combover w/ hard part

This cut was the most popular of 2016 and it will continue to dominate. It combines three fashionable elements to make a single cut: the skin fade, the hard part and the combover. Here, the purchase of a quality paste is mandatory.

(Haircut by Leandro Vergara / MaisonPrivée DIX30)

2. Natural looking fade with textured top

This one is similar to # 1, but with a less defined and more natural look. It is a versatile cut that works just as well with a plaid shirt as with a fitted suit.

(Haircut by Edwin Gonzalez / Maison Privée Old Montreal)

3. High skinfade buzz top

Very short hairstyles will resume its dominance in popularity for both 2017 and 2018. Also vary fashionable are fades that go all the way to the skin. This cut is perfect for 75% of men and is extremely versatile. (Original name: High skinfade buzz top)

(Haircut by Xander Sharp / Maison Privée Old Montreal)


4. Semi-long layered haircut

This cut is very dependent on the type of hair you have. Those with straight hair will show their softer side, while guys with curly hair will look eclectic and artistic.

(Haircut by Jeremy Wilde / Maison Privée Mile End)


5. Short messy bangs with skin fade

Here’s another one with a skin fade, this time with an obvious look back at the 90s, that is to say the much-maligned bangs. Fashion is an eternal cycle, isn’t it?

(Haircut by Greg Chicas / Maison Privée Private House)


6. Triple Lowboy taper

The lightened gradients at the temples and on the nape of the neck are no longer considered a “fashion” since it’s been part of the most common hairstyles for such a long time. The Triple Lowboy taper plays on this theme. The hair has more and more length all the way to the top of the skull.

(Haircut by Chris Marzo / Maison Privée PVM)
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