April 12, 2017

Piercings - In or Out?

Piercings - In or Out?

Piercings … should you get them or should you pass on them? It’s a question that guys often find themselves asking. If you’ve been on the edge of making a decision and are just looking for a push either way, then it may help to look into whether they are in or out at the moment. Piercings tend to be a trendy thing, which means they go through periods of being hot and periods where they aren’t.

So where do they stand right now?

A Nod to Fashion

Piercings tend to be an excellent way to get involved in fashion. Men in particular don’t seem to have as many trends where shoes and clothing are concerned, and when they do they can’t always be bothered to follow them. Piercings are a great way to be trendy that requires no effort.

Think about it, you go for the initial piercing and then that’s it, you don’t have to worry about it after that. You won’t have to change the piercing daily, pay attention to the latest trends, worry about seasonal piercings, etc. It’s a totally different story than clothing. It’s also incredibly cost effective as you don’t need to buy a full new outfit or wardrobe to show off this trend.

Go for a Masculine Look

It looks like 2017 will continue to be a great year for piercings, but with that said you want to pick those that have a masculine look to them. Opt for jewellery that has almost an industrial look to it or silver and titanium styled jewellery that has that manly edge to it. Of course it’s always popular for guys to pick pieces that feature skulls and other symbols that have that traditional manly vibe.

If you don’t mind changing out the piercing yourself, you can also pick up a few different styles. This will definitely change up your look in a simple and quick way.

Stay True to Yourself

No matter if piercings are in or out, or what the top style is, it’s always important that at the end of the day you are staying true to yourself. If you like it and you’re comfortable with it, then by all means – go for it!


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