March 27, 2017

Men With Trimmed Eyebrows are More Confident

Have you ever given much thought to your eyebrows? For men it isn’t necessarily something we obsess on or even notice, but you may change your mind after this story. Did you know that men with trimmed eyebrows tend to be viewed as more confident? That’s right, by simply trimming your eyebrows and keeping them neat, you can create a whole new image of yourself.

Manscaping Continues to be a Trend

It seems as though manscaping continues to be a trend and with that, eyebrow trimming is in. It gives the illusion of someone who is in control, sure of themselves, and is fashionable. Now this doesn't mean you have to go all out and try to create a perfectly groomed eyebrow with a well-defined arch, it just means some simple grooming should be done.

For men there are a couple of ways to go about trimming the eyebrows. They can have them waxed, use tweezers themselves at home, or trim them with special eyebrow trimming scissors. Of course no matter which method you use, you want to be careful not to get over zealous and go too far. You still want to have those manly, slightly bushy brows, they just need to be a little less unruly.

One area you can pay close attention to is the above the bridge of the nose. Your eyebrows shouldn’t meet - there should be a clear gap between them. If they meet you’ll want to clean this area up.

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