March 6, 2017

How to annoy your barber !

At work, we all have pet peeves, people and situations that frankly annoy us. While this is true for virtually all occupations, it is especially true for people who work directly with the public.

You hate your barber? You want to aggravate someone who holds scissors at all times? Here’s how ... according to the barbers of Maison Privée.


- The client who says "do what you want", then proceeds to direct the barber using sentences like "oh no, I don’t like it like that, do it more like this"

In every barbershop, there are books full of pictures of hairstyles. Online, one can find several interesting blogs - this one, among others - that suggest styles for men. If you don’t really know what you want, that's fine too. Barbers spend their lives cutting and styling hair. They’ll know what to do! But once you give free rein to a barber... It’s too late to turn back time.


- No-shows

This is true for restaurateurs. It’s also true for hairdressers and barbers.

Besides, if you know you're going to be late, call, please. Often, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete a haircut, and it’s very possible that someone is in the waiting room hoping to use your spot. Don’t worry, you’re still next in the queue!


- The bad tipper

Tipping is mandatory.

No tip, that’s aggravating. A 25-cent tip, it’s an insult.

- The girlfriend who spends the whole duration of the cut standing beside the hairdresser and wont stop talking

Your girlfriend is welcome to the salon. There are waiting areas with magazines just for her. But if she’s standing right beside the chair, like Colombo on a crime scene... Then yeah, these really are lasers shooting out of my eyes.


- Gum chewers

We all understand that good hygiene is important. But giving a straight-razor shave while the customer is chewing gum is a bit like playing Russian roulette on a rollercoaster.


- When the music is good…

We all love music. But a proper haircut requires a steady head. It’s not the right moment to practice your headbanging.


- Keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times

So we’re trying to cut hair, with hyper-sharp pro scissors, and the customer pulls his hand from under the hood and passes his fingers through his hair. Answer this question for us: what sort of reaction a barber generally has when this happens?


- Uncontrollable Children

If your kid does not like getting a haircut, try at least to control him. And when we ask for your help, dear parents, out of pity, do not answer "ah, it's much worse at home"! All we want is to avoid a bad haircut, or worse still...


- The price is not negotiable

We repeat: the price is not negotiable.


- The customer who wants to turn the chair by itself

Trust us. Let us do our job. And do not try to turn the chair. We'll do it.


- This call can wait

A customer who receives a call, takes his phone out of his pocket, answers the phone and then tells to the hairdresser, "it's fine, you can keep working" while he is chatting with his girlfriend. That’s very, very annoying. We're going to be done in 20 minutes. We are absolutely certain that you can wait twenty minutes. Have pity on us!

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