March 20, 2017

How Many Times a Week Should You Wash Your Hair?

Are you the type of guy that washes his hair daily? Did you know you may actually be doing more harm than good by washing it that often? The fact of the matter is that there is a general rule you can go by when it comes to how many times a week you should be washing your hair, and it’s not every day.

Stripping Your Hair of the Oils

It seems like a large amount of men think that washing their hair daily is not only the perfect amount of hair washing, but it's also what's best for their hair and scalp. This couldn't be further from the truth. Now you don't just have to take it from us, professional barbers and hairstylists are all in agreement that daily hair-washing is actually quite damaging.

Part of the problem is that shampoo can be quite harsh on the scalp and hair, so using it daily is not a good idea. Take a look at the ingredients on your favorite bottle of shampoo. There's a good chance it contains a whole lot of sulfates, along with other chemicals, which in fact just strip the oil right out of your hair. Without that oil, your hair can't look as shiny, healthy, and soft as it should.

Start a New Schedule

As far as what is the ideal amount of times to wash your hair in a week, it is suggested you wash it a maximum of three times, or once every other day. At the same time you can still go ahead and wet your hair each time you shower, and even give it a bit of a scratching or rubbing. You just want to stop using your shampoo on a daily basis.

The Case of Less is More

In the case of hair washing the common saying of “less is more” is certainly true. Ideally you want to get to a point where you wash your hair twice a week, as you’ll be amazed at just how healthy your hair starts to look and feel. Once you get into this new schedule and see the difference, you’ll never go back.

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