April 11, 2017

Have You Ever Gotten a Pedicure?

Have You Ever Gotten a Pedicure? Here's Why You Should Try It

Are you of the mindset that pedicures are just for women? Maybe you feel it’s just an unnecessary expense that really isn’t worth it. Here’s the thing, pedicures aren’t just for women. In fact they are just as important and beneficial for men. Still not convinced? Well let’s take a closer look.

What to Expect in a Pedicure

If you've never gone for a pedicure then there's a good chance you're unsure of what the procedure even involves. You may have a totally different idea of what happens during the pedicure than what the reality is.

A pedicure typically involves soaking your feet in a warm water solution that helps to soften and clean the feet. After the soak, your feet are dried off and the dead skin is then rubbed off, usually using a pumice stone. This is followed by clipping the toenails and cleaning up the cuticles, then moisturizer is applied to the feet and often the calves.

Why You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Now here’s the great part, that whole “foot soak” usually occurs while you are sitting in a large comfy massage chair, with the water bubbling and churning away just like a hot tub. The entire experience ends up being relaxing and soothing, something every guy can appreciate.

Here's another thing you may not be aware of, there are actual health benefits involved with pedicures. Did you know that by getting regular pedicures you can help to prevent infection from occurring on your feet? The reason for this is that you will be moisturizing your feet, which will help to repair and prevent future cracks. These cracks, if not cared for, can lead to bleeding and even infection.

Pedicures are also an excellent way to treat calluses and again prevent new ones from happening.

Seek a Professional

If you’re sold that a pedicure is a great option for you, just be sure to visit a professional. You want to be sure you go to someone who has experience, uses clean and sanitary tools, and performs each step properly.

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