April 8, 2017

Hair Dye for Men: Which Colors are Trendy in 2017?

Hair Dye for Men: Which Colors are Trendy in 2017?

Are you looking to dye your hair but you’re curious about what the trendy colors are for 2017? Just like with women, there are certain cuts, styles, and colors that tend to be trendy in a given year and it looks like 2017 is no exception to the rule.

You May Not Need Color

Now before you reach for the color or book an appointment at the barber, if you are thinking you want to cover your grey hair you may want to think twice. Grey is quite the thing this year, no matter what age group you fall into. Even younger men are adding silver to their hair giving it a whole new look. If you have grey or silver in your hair naturally, you can help bring it out more by using a shampoo specifically meant for grey hair.

Bleaching Out Your Locks

Another popular hair color trend for men in 2017 is bleaching out your locks. This means going for that California blond look, or taking it even further and doing the whole white blond/platinum look. Both of these can be hard to achieve depending on your base color, so it’s wise to seek the help of a professional stylist.

Highlights Make a Return

It also seems as though highlights are making a return for 2017 when it comes to men’s hairstyles. Typically you want to pick a color that is lighter than your own and have them strategically placed throughout your style.


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