April 4, 2017

Can You Use Products to Get Curly Hair When Your Hair is Straight?

Can You Use Products to Get Curly Hair When Your Hair is Straight?

It’s so true – those with curls want straight hair and those with straight hair want curls. That said, straight hair can be a little boring. Did you know that there are products you can use that will help you get curls without much effort on your part? That's right, even the straightest hair can show a little wave if you use the right products.

Embrace Mousse

One of the top products for bringing curl out in hair is mousse. Look for one that specifically adds body and waves to your hair, as there are different formulas out there. Most mousse products are meant to be used on freshly washed hair that is still damp.

You spray out the specified amount into your hand then work it into your hair. At that point you want to really work it into the hair, scrunching it and running your hands through it. You can start to create a wavy tousled look that the mousse will then hold. In most cases it’s best to let your hair air dry from that point.

Hair Texturizer

Another way to trick your straight hair into being curly is to use hair texturizer. The product does exactly as it says it adds texture, dimension, and body which can be in the form of waves. Again you’ll want to work this into your hair by scrunching it in.

As an added step you can use a dry texturizer spray to really make sure you make the most of the waves you've managed to create.


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