March 16, 2017

Why Do Women Still Prefer Clean Shaven Faces to Bearded Men ?

It’s a question that has been debated for decades, do women prefer men with a clean shaven face or with a beard. So what’s the answer? Well men, if you’re looking to appeal to the masses when it comes to the opposite sex, the jury is in and women in fact prefer men with clean shaven faces.

Sure there are plenty of women who love facial hair, and many prefer it on their men, but when you’re talking about the majority of women, it definitely points to the clean shaven look.

So why do women find the clean shaven look more attractive? Well there are all kinds of reasons they give. Here’s a look at some of the most common answers.

A Younger More Youthful Look

There’s no doubt about it, facial hair ages men. It doesn’t matter if the man has a well-groomed short beard or the fully Grizzly Adams look, facial hair makes them look older.

Not as Imposing

Facial hair is often seen as an imposing and even aggressive look that not all women are fond of. Women tend to find clean shaven guys more approachable, especially if they don’t know them.

Creates the Appearance of Being Well Groomed

The clean shaven look is always going to look more groomed, which can also project an aura of a capable and responsible man. No matter how clean and neat you think your beard is, to some, beards never look very well-kept and indicate that you’re just too lazy to shave. Obviously, if they think a beard translates to laziness, they question your ability to hold down a responsible job - no matter how untrue that is. Appearances make an impression, there’s no way around it.

Studies Show Confidence

It’s also interesting to note that studies have shown that clean shaven men tend to be more confident. Confidence is usually an attractive quality in a man, and can certainly garner the attention of women.

To Each Their Own

While the majority of women prefer that clean shaven, well-groomed look, there are still plenty of women who prefer a man with facial hair. It’s really what you feel comfortable with since you want to attract a woman who loves you for you.

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