March 5, 2017

Baxter Of California Daily Protein Shampoo

If there’s a brand that gained massive popularity in the hipster men community, it’s Baxter of California. With its simple, yet classy packaging, Baxter of California makes us want to buy that white & blue bottle of shampoo for its fresh look.

 The Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo is a mild mint scented shampoo, enriched with nutrients to promote hair growth, strength, body and manageability. Now, is that all true? That’s why we tested it.


The tingly mint sensation from this daily shampoo is ultra refreshing and it leaves your scalp smelling clean & minty. The protein-enriched formula is supposed to get rid of any dry skin & excess of oil on your scalp. Like any other shampoo it does get rid of the oily feeling some pomades can leave but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for someone with dry skin problem. There is shampoos on the market made especially for that problem. The mint feeling of the Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo will give you the feeling of having a brand new clean scalp & will somewhat stop the itchiness but it won’t get rid of dead skin completely.


It’s a very great product to have for any collector of “fancy” male grooming products but its retail price makes it hard to afford for a daily basis use, as the name would suggest.

The full line also is worth a try. Want some ? Check out their website ! It is very complete and they have amazing promos at the moment.

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