April 6, 2017

Are Moustaches Back in Style?

Are Moustaches Back in Style?

While men don’t tend to have as many trends and styles to follow when it comes to hair styles, one area that certainly changes is facial hair. It seems we go through periods where facial hair is the “in” look, and then there are other times where clean shaven is the hot trend. So if you’re wondering if it’s in to start rocking a moustache, read on.

Beards Always Welcome – Moustaches are Tricky

The thing about moustaches is that they can be real tricky. It seems as though beards are always welcome, but moustaches tend to create a more polarized opinion. Now in terms of where the moustache is for 2017, well it looks like it may actually be making a comeback of sorts. Looking to different celebrities, there are quite a few men who are showing up on red carpets and award shows sporting a moustache without a beard.

For many people a moustache is a sign of the 1970s and can even be oft-putting, but the fact of the matter is that for many men it's a great look. Take a look at Tom Selleck who made moustaches the ultimate cool trend. His never came across as creepy or off-putting, in fact it gave him a real manly edge. The problem with moustaches is that one can’t really tell how it will come off until they give it a try. If worn in the right shape, thickness, and on the right face shape there is absolutely no reason not to rock it and set your own trend.


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