March 1, 2017

Men's' barbershop 'cuts from the' 50s

Men's' barbershop 'cuts from the' 50s


In the 1950s, there was one name on everybody’s lips, and that name dominated culture across the world: Elvis Presley. And the haircut Elvis made famous stayed a staple well after the singer’s hits got off the radio’s heavy rotations. The pompadour - just like the perfecto, the most popular biker jacket of all time – seems to be crawling back into fashion. Of course, many of these fashions coincide with the greaser years, and who says greaser says barbershop!

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1. Slick Back

It is perhaps one of the most polarizing classic cuts. In the 1950s, there was nothing more natural. A little grease in the hair, a comb, done. In the late 1980s, this cut began to be associated with the Wall Street lifestyle – and its excesses and crimes –, especially with the movie Wall Street (1987). Today, the slick back style has been modernized. Often, the sides will have a skin fade, and only the top will be slicked back.

Slick Back

2. Executive Contour

This cut is found everywhere in men hairdressing books of the 50s, but also on pictures dating from the 1910s! It was a cut that was quite popular in the army. And it’s currently the most popular classic cut. The Executive Contour blends perfectly with facial hair of all kinds.


3. Pompadour

The pompadour has been refashioned and rewrought continuously since Elvis Presley made it his trademark. But he was not the only one to wear it: Johnny Cash, James Dean, and more recently, Johnny Depp all made it their own. This is a very popular cut. The pompadour can be worn with sideburns and using a light-hold, light-shine pomade as the King did, or with a skin fade on the sides with an extra-glossy "pomp". This haircut lost a lot of its shine in the 1990’s and it’s currently making a serious comeback.


4. Flat Top Boogie

This one is a bit more underground than the most famous ones above. The Flat Top Boogie was associated with "meat heads" and "jocks" for a long time. The perfect example? In the first Archie comics - which started in 1939! - Moose Mason, the slightly idiotic giant, wears the flat top boogie. Today, it’s been modernized, and in turn, is more and more in demand.

Flat Top Boogie

5. Ivy-League

The Ivy-League hairstyle is directly associated with the 50s and 60s. The most famous man to wear this style is John F. Kennedy. An Ivy-League cut combined with a suit and tie is guaranteed fashion success.

Ivy League
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