Xander Sharp

5 Years ago Alexander started running with scissors, but it’s been almost 10 since his first cut.

Throughout high school and into his college life, where he studied business, Alexander constantly found himself behind the chair rather than his books. Realizing his passion for the tonsorial arts, Alexander left business after successfully completing his first year, and changed his focus in college to Hairstyling.

In a new direction, new allegiances were formed with talented individuals who pushed Alexander to be a founding barber of a great team in his hometown Ottawa. After two years it was, once again, time for Alexander to seek new horizons. Selling his first car and practically everything he owned, Alexander bought a plane ticket to Thailand.

Alexander packed his tools, boxing gloves, and enough money to buy a cheap guitar, and set out on an adventure that would include an affordable 55 hour flight complete with 4 airport changes. After a bad accident on a motorbike his first night there, his funds were depleted and he was forced to find work immediately or go back home. Not willing to give up, Alexander took his last 9,000 thai Baht, bought a guitar, and found work singing and playing in a bar 7 nights a week, cutting hair almost every day he could stand on his broken foot, and began to understand what it was to really seize the day, the moment, and control of his life.

Upon his return home for a family wedding, Ottawa juxtaposed to Thailand was, in simple terms, tame. Within two months Alexander was looking to explore new horizons once again, and set his sights on Montreal, finally finding his true fit at Maison Privee.